Levit8ion Xtreme SE 8.5″ All Terrain Hoverboard Built In Speaker UL 2272 Certified


SAFE: With the UL 2272 Safety Certification, the Xtreme SE hoverboard is suited for long rides and extensive use.

BETTER DESIGN: The design of the Xtreme SE model breaks the mold of common hoverboards. The L8 Xtreme SE brings metal fenders and its own dedicated App.

PERFORMANCE: The Levit8ion Xtreme SE gives the user the capability of riding through rough terrains and slopes. The SE was one of the firsts to offer a dual 200W motor capable of getting up to 8 mph.

SMART: Offers a dedicated customer support for its buyers. Buying the Levit8ion Xtreme SE comes with the perk of soliciting customer support.

VALUED-ADDED FEATURES: Even though the Xtreme SE is not suited for all terrains, it does come with mudguards, to manage rough or messy surfaces better. Any stain is easily removable, so your Levit8ion Xtreme SE looks brand new, even if it’s months old.

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WATERPROOF,  Water and dust resistance

ALL TERRAIN,  Off road with all terrain tires

SMART,  Plays music over bluetooth connection