Levit8ion D3M Electric Skateboard – **On Big Sale

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  • SAFE TO RIDE: The Koowhel Electric Skateboard, like all products listed here, has a UL 2272 safety certificate, assuring it passed strict electrical tests & battery safety procedures.
  • BETTER DESIGN: With a dual 36V 4300mAh battery, the Koowheel counts with plenty of power, for up to 150 minutes of ongoing use. Replace the second battery when the other runs out takes a few seconds and it’s easy!
  • PERFORMANCE: Ride smoothly whether you’re going at top speed or maneuvering, stability, and balance guaranteed. Koowheel has a max speed of 20 mph and excellent control. 
  • SMART: Thanks to its regenerative braking system, users can rely on the Koowheel to do the work going downhill. Get a skateboard you can trust for a good & safe riding experience. 
  • VALUE-ADDED FEATURES: The Koowheel currently ships with the complete accessory kit, including charger, remote control, two 36V 4300mAh batteries and two spare tires as well.

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