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The new hoverboard kart is the best hoverboard add-on in the market.  It fits almost any hoverboard, including the Swagtron, Swagway, Powerboard, Gyro and many others. Its length can also be comfortably adjusted to fit an adult.

Additionally, the Hoverboard Kart is very easy to assemble. You will not spend more than 10 minutes in making it fit your hoverboard of choice. The kart does not require you to modify any setting on your hoverboard, as its hand controls allow the driver to manage speed and direction with ease.

What’s best is that the Hoverboard Kart makes it so the elderly can enjoy using a hoverboard without the fear of falling. A hoverboard converted into a go-kart makes the perfect replacement for a wheelchair in most cases where the driver retains control of its legs. The hoverboard kart lets old folks enjoy rides in the park without needing a bike or anything of the kind, just a safe and rechargeable hoverboard.

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