Self Balancing Scooters: Tips & Tricks to Try Before Jumping on One

Self balancing scooters

Given how almost the best hoverboards / Self Balancing Scooters count with a self-balancing feature nowadays, many could think balance is not necessary. In part, this is true, as the best self-balancing scooters are built to stabilize the user’s weight evenly. However, having some sort of grasp about balance boards can make wonders and help you learn faster.

For example, some people make a living by walking the tightrope, or the similar sport called Slackline. Walking on the “line” consists of traveling a 3 inch wide and 20 or more meters long, end to end. Equilibrists tighten the slackline using a cinch, to give it stability. However, some athletes also let the tightrope lose to perform tricks and jumps.

Dancers on self balancing boards

How to improve my self balancing scooter skills?

Improving your skills on your self balancing scooter is all about dominating balance. Any balancing board principle is the same as the hoverboard, only that you’re standing in one place. In fact, some people argue the balance boards paved the way for hoverboards to get out in the market. So, it’s safe to assume that anyone who tried a balance board before a hoverboard had a much faster learning curb.

Any IndoBoard counts with two separate pieces, a wooden or fiberglass board, and a solid cylinder. Both parts work together, and the objective is to maintain balance without outside help. However, some people achieve such balance they start making tricks and flips without falling.

Self Balancing Scooters: Tips to Control the Best Hoverboard

First and foremost, people learning to ride self balancing scooters can find a lot of insight by simply reading the manual. However, for those who want to make the best out of their riding experience, we’ve listed a few tips to control your cool hoverboard, the right way.

  • Keep your self balancing scooters up to speed and check engine and wheels eventually.
  • Practice on smooth surfaces before going off road! The main reason any hoverboard gets
  • If possible, don’t leave your hoverboard charging overnight, read the manual of your model and abide by the recommended maximum.
  • It’s all about your posture, bend your knees, keep your back straight and keep balance with your arms. Riding self-balancing scooters will come naturally given some time.


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  1. Paula says:

    Well, I guess the fact that they may be self balancing and more quickly than walking, would be the appealing thing about them. I’m considering possibly they would possess a use for mailmen in urban regions? Or anything that is time dependent, but not a extended distance, and slow to go using a car / motorcycle / gas scooter.

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