Self Balancing Boards Are Making News on YouTube [WATCH]

Dancers on self balancing boards

Nowadays, at least 5 out of 10 people in the US has a YouTube channel or knows someone who has. This, in turn, opened the gates for influencers to gain a sizeable audience while delivering funny or informative content.

We all know self balancing boards are not new on YouTube. As many users uploaded their first experience with it, the hoverboard unboxing, or epic fails. Though the hoverboard trend seemed to be ending. YouTube influencers managed to keep the public interested by experimenting the latest hoverboards in business.

With a rather wide variety of hoverboard brands to choose from, there are no two videos alike when searching for self-balancing boards / hoverboards on YouTube.

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From people unboxing their new hoverboard to people falling down from their new hoverboards, YouTube influencers cover all segments. Chances are you find the best hoverboard tricks or a Pro vs Con video comparing two hoverboard brands.

Top YouTube Influencers speak about Self Balancing Boards

Even though there are more than 100 influencers on YouTube talking exclusively about self balancing boards, there’s a handful of good ones. The vast majority specializes in practical applications for hoverboards, pranks and epic fails, or simply reviewing the product.

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