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Levitating Hoverboard vs Ground Riding Hoverboards

Levitating hoverboard

Ever since the hoverboard trend vanished, as all trends do at some point, levitating hoverboards have gained people’s attention. Self-balancing scooters have satisfied most of its users after manufacturers resolved the electrical system. But fixing the electrical failure wasn´t enough for people wanting the hoverboards from Back to the Future. After the implementation of the […]

Hoverboard Safety 101: Basic Principles of Safe Hoverboarding

Given how the reputation of hoverboard safety took plenty of damage after the first models’ batteries blew up, it’s important to state how hoverboard companies solved the issue. At first, hoverboards got a bad reputation due to technical mistakes in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries. This, in turn, caused the first hoverboards to burst […]

What Is UL 2272 Safety Certification?

Hoverboard enthusiasts are probably familiar with the so-called UL 2272 safety compliance label. But those new to the hoverboard world probably do not yet grasp the significance of this tag when they begin sorting through the products available in retail hoverboard stores. So what exactly is it? ` UL 2272 Safety Standard To understand the […]

10″ vs. 6.5″ Hoverboards, Which Is The Best Hoverboard For You?

Best hoverboard for you

Choosing the best hoverboard between a 10-inch and a smaller variant such as the 6.5-inch scooter could be quite daunting. Especially if you are merely sourcing information from product descriptions. Which to be honest, are not going to be very helpful. The reason is the best hoverboards tend to have roughly similar base specs and […]

Hoverboard Safety: Things You Should Know Before Getting One

Levit8ion Hoverboard Safety extends to its Go-Kart Add-on, on sale for $59.99
For a brief period of time, retailers were kept from selling hoverboards for safety reasons. There were reports, for example, that some scooters began catching fire. Fortunately for consumers, increased regulatory scrutiny has enabled more rigorous manufacturing process. Now, products hitting the U.S. stores have passed numerous quality and hoverboard safety evaluations. It is important [...]