Levitating Hoverboard vs Ground Riding Hoverboards

Levitating hoverboard

Ever since the hoverboard trend vanished, as all trends do at some point, levitating hoverboards have gained people’s attention. Self-balancing scooters have satisfied most of its users after manufacturers resolved the electrical system. But fixing the electrical failure wasn´t enough for people wanting the hoverboards from Back to the Future.

After the implementation of the UL safety certification in most hoverboard companies, the number of sales kept a steady rhythm. And, new models ledStill, the prototypes for hoverboard that actually hover in the air have gone viral.

The advertising strategies for hoverboards to come has made it difficult to ground riding hoverboard companies to thrive. For instance, there are two main prototypes already taking in tons of investors.

Riding hoverboards could evolve into riding drones

HoverBike: How riding hoverboards could evolve

The hoverbike takes the levitating hoverboard concept one step further. The flying vehicle resembles more to motorcycles than hoverboards. But some could claim that Malloy Aeronautic Hoverboard combines the best of both. Even though it looks more like a drone than to a hoverboard, the Hover Bike has plenty of potential and practical applications.

Riding hoverboards is bound to evolve, so it’s important for hoverboard companies to adapt quickly and plan a smart move. With Levit8ion hoverboards, the quality standards have never been higher. And most hoverboard companies have followed the Levit8ion lead.

Levitating Hoverboard Prototypes

The latest prototypes for levitating hoverboards have drawn much attention on social media and TV shows lately. However, the hype about this product is currently in a split decision between the many different prototypes for hoverboards and drones.

In one case, a company unveiled a levitating hoverboard or man-size drone during a Portugal soccer game. The flying hoverboard became trending news withing the hour, and it’s still making news today. It’s safe to say, the near future brings many options in personal transportation.

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