Why the Levit8ion Xtreme is still the Best Hoverboard on the Market

Levit8ion Xtreme Best Hoverboard on the market

When you decide to buy yourself a hoverboard there is always the same issue: Which one is the best hoverboard on the market for you? Levit8ion Xtreme is the answer!

There are so many options that you may not know where to begin. However, some people have already done the job for you. According to most Amazon reviews, the most reliable and good quality hoverboard right now is the Levit8ion Xtreme.

If you are looking for quality, safety, and an entry-level price this hoverboard will cover and surpass all your expectations. You can be sure that its EverBalance technology makes every ride smooth, silent and powerful.

What makes the Levit8ion Xtreme best hoverboard on the market?

It is silent: The Levit8ion Xtreme hoverboard’s top-notch technology makes it super quiet. It has dual motors with a 135-watt cruising power and hub motors with a 350-watt peak power. The Xtreme model also comes equipped with gyro sensor technology capable of receiving the information sent from the wheels to the logic board.

Perfect for beginners: It comes with a Training Mode for you or your kids to learn how to ride.

Great battery life: Its battery, unlike other hoverboards, can last over 60 minutes of continuous use. The LED indicators will let you know when it’s time to charge.

Levit8ion Xtreme App

The batteries are also easy and quick to load as they are 32 Lithium LG batteries so if you are not done after a 2-3 hour ride you can always choose to extend your fun with a quick charge. An extra battery kit can be found on the official Razor website or Amazon.

One of the first safe hoverboards: Levit8ion Xtreme

Levit8ion hoverboards were one of the first brands to become listed in the UL-2272 certification of safety. This means that the Xtreme not only fulfills the safety requirements but also exceeds them, ensuring that no electrical or fire problems will occur.

Safe and weight-resistant: It can bear a maximum of 220 lbs and still run at 8mph. If you have kids older than eight years they can make great use of this self-balancing scooter as well. The frame is shatter-resistant and has a fender bumper. With its anti-slip rubber platforms and the Training Mode, your kids will be safe and have entertainment for hours.

You can pick your hoverboard in Blue, White or Black and save 160$ (35%) if you purchase yours on Amazon RIGHT NOW! Once you acquire the hoverboard, it’s good to go, no need to assemble any part.

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