Levit8ion X vs. Standard Hoverboards: Key Differences Explained

Levit8ion X Hoverboard

Levit8ion offers some of the best hoverboards out there, making sure that they are safe, smart and affordable. All of its self-balancing scooters come with a UL 2272 safety certification, and each model is different from the rest. That is why we are going to take a look at the key differences between the Levit8ion X and other hoverboards. Which despite being similar, have some distinctive qualities that deserve attention.

The Levit8ion X features the essential aspects of a hoverboard, and it fits both beginners and pros. It fits all the necessary perks needed when learning to ride a hoverboard. 

Levit8ion X vs. Standard HoverboardsThe LX is medium-sized hoverboard, although it is larger than many of its competitors. Which brings some room for comfort. Its tires are made of hard rubber, which is ideal for rough terrains.

Levit8ion X Top speed is 7.5 miles per hour

This model has a top speed of almost 8 miles per hour. This is perfect for a beginners hoverboard, as there are some that can reach up to 12 mph.

A single charge equals to a 10-mile trip. In regular conditions, the Levit8ion X can travel 10 miles on a single charge, which goes to show that top speed is not always the primary factor. Short trips are best when using a hoverboard, and always charging it should be commonplace.

Please note that you should never leave a hoverboard plugged in for more than it is necessary. That being said, the Levit8ion X’s battery can charge in just one hour and a half, which is just enough time to sit down and take a rest.

The X model paved the way for all-terrain hoverboards

Max climbing limit is 30 degrees: Now, here is where the Levit8ion X beats the competition. It can climb steep slopes of up to 30 degrees. Most hoverboards can only take up 10 to 15 degrees. This means that you’ll have no problem whatsoever riding your Levit8ion X uphill if your legs are too tired or if you’re lifting heavy cargo.

Note that this hoverboard’s weight capacity sits at 264 pounds, which is the same as 120 kilograms.

Remote control and Bluetooth: Just like other hoverboards, the Levit8ion X features Bluetooth connection and remote control. This hoverboard works with most hoverboard apps and Bluetooth devices. Sadly, it doesn’t come with integrated speakers, but for a great riding experience, this is just great.

If you think the Levit8ion X is the one for you, you can pick one up for $249.99 at Levit8ion’s official website RIGHT HERE.

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