Labor Day Sale


We are paying tribute to the hard workers out there with a huge sale of our bestselling hoverboard in Labor Day Sale, the Levit8ion Ion, and the Nov8tech Hoverwalker III, which we fondly call as the HoverKart.

For a limited time, Ion will be available for up to 50 percent off while the HoverKart gets a massive 62 percent price cut.

Labor Day Sale: Levit8ion ION Hoverboard:

Ion is, of course, our entry-level hoverboard and it no longer needs a detailed description. It is a 6.5-inch scooter, a perfect ride for beginners, young riders and those who are looking for a highly portable hoverboard.

On the one hand, we are also very excited to introduce the Hoverwalker III, a hoverboard attachment that infuses more functions Go Kart in Labor day saleand more fun into your scooter. This essentially transforms a hoverboard into a GoKart, offering an entirely new riding experience.

The conversion kit also addresses several of the shortcomings of electric scooters, particularly with respect to stability. You can also use it to transform a hoverboard into a more safe ride for children.

This is not to say that the HoverKart is not for adults. It is designed with lightweight frame and high-precision swivel caster and race-inspired seat. You can attach it to any self-balancing scooter.


The Nov8tech Hoverwalker III can be set up in no time. It is also adjustable so the cart fits riders of different ages and hoverboard sizes. The cart kit is guaranteed safe and stable on flat surfaces. It is designed for perfect balance so that riders are kept from falling off the cart. The materials used are also tested for integrity and durability.

How to use hoverboard go KartHOW TO USE

Usage is incredibly easy. Note that the cart has two steering handles or direction control levers. These control the hoverboard from boot up, acceleration, turning to braking. They can be perfect tools for young riders to learn motor skills and also keep their muscles exercised while having fun.

The cart kit comes with a 30-day warranty: either a full refund or replacement. You will also enjoy free technical support to ensure great user experience.

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