How Much Do You Have to Spend to Buy a Good Quality Hoverboard?

Good quality hoverboard - Levit8ion ION

Hoverboards are here to stay! And as you’ve probably seen on different hoverboard stores, there are a lot of hoverboard models you can choose from when deciding which is the best hoverboard to buy and how much to buy a good quality hoverboard. Remember, you can always buy a good quality hoverboard that adjusts to your budget. With hoverboards ranging from a 6.5-inches with hard rubber tires to 10-inch tires all-terrain with led headlights and Built-in Bluetooth Speakers, there’s always a cheap & a good quality hoverboard that will fulfill your requirements.

Cheap & Good quality hoverboard

Find Cheap & Good Quality Hoverboard!

If you want to buy a new or a lightly used hoverboard there are some features you would like to consider before doing the purchase, such as: what should be the cost for a good quality hoverboard? which brand to buy? what size? which extras would you like Led headlights, built-in speakers? and the most important, are they UL 2272 certificated?

Levit8ion hoverboards are worldwide recognized for their high-quality products and low prices. Here are some of their cheap-most sold hoverboards.

Levit8ion ION 6.5

The Levit8ion ION comes with a 200W*2 Xin Ao Ma Motor and 6.5-inch wheels with low ground clearance and a 7.5 mph max speed. Its battery go up to three hours of charge and it has been approved by the UL 2272 certification; passing electrical and fire safety standards. This model includes Built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, high-grade ABS chassis, solid foot grip and self-balancing gyro sensors that work hard to keep you from falling.

Its price go for as low as $169.99

 Levit8ion X

The Levit8ion X comes with 10-inch wheels for an all-terrain experience, it reaches up to 8.5 mph and has a range over 10 miles. It is UL 2272 certified; passed electrical and fire safety standards. Engineered to last with the use of high-grade ABS chassis with Built-in HQ Bluetooth Speakers and LED light with motion indicator.

Its price go for as low as $249.99

 Levit8ion X Plus

The Levit8ion X Plus comes with 10-inch all-terrain wheels. It is UL 2272 certified; passed electrical and fire safety standards. It has a Samsung battery for even more powerful performance reaching up to 8.5 mph. 

What differentiates the Levit8ion X Plus hoverboard is its Samsung battery module, capable of providing a longer travel range. Additionally, it has Built-in HQ Bluetooth Speaker, Remote Control Capability, LED Motion Indicator and a Dedicated iOS/Android mobile app.

Its price go for as low as $259.99

Refurbished and Used Hoverboards

If you still think that the hoverboards prices aforementioned are too high. You can always try to buy a refurbished hoverboard or a lightly used one. In some cases, hoverboards come with factory flaws and are returned by manufacturers to fix. When these purchases are returned to the seller for repairment, manufacturers can sell them for a lower price in their hoverboard stores.


Hoverboard Safety

Are Hoverboards Safe?

If you want to get cheap hoverboards without compromising quality, keep reading. When buying your new hoverboard, be smart and get yourself one with a UL 2272 Safety Certification. There were a lot of reports and news that some hoverboards across the US were catching fire and exploding in 2015  but thanks to the UL 2272 certification released on November of 2016 there’s no reason to be scared anymore! The UL standard recognized in U.S. and Canada ensures your hoverboard’s battery has been sufficiently tested to avoid any malfunction and it will not explode or catch fire. However, we still strongly recommend not to leave it charging overnight. Besides of this, the other danger that hoverboards present is to fall over, but this can be easily be prevented by learning some self-balancing tips and tricks before jumping on your new hoverboard and buying some safety gear for elbows and knees for your beginner time.

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