Hoverboard Safety 101: Basic Principles of Safe Hoverboarding

Given how the reputation of hoverboard safety took plenty of damage after the first models’ batteries blew up, it’s important to state how hoverboard companies solved the issue.

At first, hoverboards got a bad reputation due to technical mistakes in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries. This, in turn, caused the first hoverboards to burst on fire or simply stop working due to a malfunctioning battery.

Now, thanks to the commitment of hoverboard companies to solve this, the UL safety certification is the norm in the industry. But what does the UL certification means?

Well, having a UL certified hoverboard assures that product followed rigorous safety procedures. These systems involve some metrics and tests to ensure the hoverboard is safe enough to ride.

Hoverboard safety
Get familiar with everything there is to know about hoverboard safety before buying yours.

Basic Hoverboarding

There are a few principles all people willing to buy a hoverboard should know before even getting on. Even though the hoverboards currently selling on the market don’t hover, they can still pose a threat if handled the wrong way.

First, don’t jump on or off the hoverboard. This rookie mistake comes from Back to the Future II, when Marty McFly jumps on his hoverboard to chase the bad guys.

However, riding the real hoverboards only takes one foot at a time, giving the scooter a chance to activate its self-balancing feature. The hoverboards’ self-balancing feature ensures the user won´t be thrown off balance, making the ride easy and smooth.

What you need to know about hoverboard safety

Knowing what your hoverboard can and can’t do is important for you not to try anything wack. Luckily for all hoverboard enthusiasts, there’s plenty of information on the web.

For instance, almost all hoverboards in the market come with a UL 2272 safety certification. But what does UL means and why should you trust its protection certificate. UL is nothing but a compliance that most hoverboard companies adopted.

The UL compliance indicates the product was under scrutiny from fire hazards or anything threatening the safety of its users.

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