Hoverboard Industry: A Quick Recap Through Hoverboard’s Beginning


Given how hoverboards had a significant impact in the online market, it’s important to take a glimpse into the past to see how the best hoverboard brands adapted. Since its rocky beginning with technical malfunctions and exploding batteries, the hoverboard industry has lifted off.

As for Levit8ion, all hoverboards are built with premium materials and will last longer than most of its competitor. The Levit8ion ION was one of the firsts to offer a dual 200W motor capable of getting up to 14 Km/h. 

The hoverboard companies that managed to stay afloat through last year had to implement a few changes to thrive in today’s market. The UL 2272 Safety Certification helped the hoverboard sales get back on track and remain a sufficient income for industries. This, in turn, resulted in revenue invested in upgrading the manufacturing of the product.

hoverboard industry quick recap

For experienced riders, the Levit8ion Xtreme has plenty to offer. It’s 10-inch rubber tires, and solid chassis makes it perfect for dominating uneven terrains. The Xtreme hoverboard has a unique waterproof feature, built to resist the sharp passing of time.

Nonetheless, there´s also good quality smart hoverboard from our friends, the Levit8ion ION and the Xtreme SE. The ION has a 15 Km maximum range and also shares the 12 Km/h max speed.

Hoverboard Industry: Rise & Fall

Only the best hoverboard brands, like Levit8ion, count with the UL 2272 safety certification, which guarantees the product went through standardized processes. Although it might seem repetitive, what makes the UL compliance so innovative is how it’s one of the few regularized products to ride on streets.

The UL has a significant impact on the hoverboard industry’s comeback to the market, despite its fall. Multiple companies have seized the moment to invest in hoverboards, as well as some celebrities.

A Possible Comeback For Hoverboard Industry

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team, invested in a hoverboard dubbed MOOV, set to release soon. This means the hoverboard industry is not dead after all, and it may rise again, stronger than ever.

What’s more, prototypes of levitating hoverboards and man-sized drones have become a trending topic. Videos of the tests of real hoverboard prototypes continue to leave people wondering when will they be released.

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