Can the elderly ride hoverboards safely?

Elderly Ride Hoverboards

Thanks to the UL 2272 Safety Certification, people of all ages can ride hoverboards safely. Given how most people got news of the false-start hoverboards had a while ago, it’s important to remember them how the problem was solved.

The implementation of the UL compliance in most hoverboard companies made the product to have a comeback in the market. Riding hoverboards without worrying about it blowing up surely adds a few points to how much you can enjoy your purchase.

Any hoverboard identified with a UL safety certification label is not only safe to use, but it’s proven to live up to the specs marketed. All Levit8ion hoverboards can reach a minimum of 8 mph speed and up to 9 to 12 miles in range.

Ride hoverboards with the whole family

A full charge is more than enough for a visit to the park, or any place within a 10-mile radius. For those wanting to take it for more than one trip just have to bring the charger along, any power outlet works fine. A standard hoverboard can take up to 2 hours to fully charge.

What’s more, many hoverboards also come with an All-Terrain mode, enabling the user to ride on almost any surface. The Levit8ion  X and X plus hoverboard models all count with this feature. You can ride on uneven terrains like grabble, sand, rocky concrete and even grass fields!

The first manufacturing processes of hoverboard didn’t meet the required safety procedures. This resulted in multiple customers reporting how their hoverboards had exploded or caught on fire. Surely enough, hoverboard manufacturers made a top priority of the issue, solving it in just a few months.

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