All You Can Do With Your HoverKart


Hoverboards may have started as a popular fad, but the truth is that the market is stabilizing. Everyone just jumped at the possibility of having the best hoverboards to help them move around without having to walk. However, the HoverKart brings out more than one way to ride a hoverboard, and they are ideal for cruising college campuses, short distances, and even carrying groceries.

The Design of Hoverboards does not limit their Functions

Sales might have dropped, but only because the initial boom already passed. The truth is that hoverboards are at their earliest stages, and it is just now that we are starting to see fresh ideas that could make hoverboards the premier method of short-distance traveling.


Hoverboard Kart1 Sale

In that same vein, Levit8ion decided to go ahead and change the way a hoverboard is meant to be used.

It is by challenging a gadget’s primary purpose that inventors come up with new ideas. This is the case of the HoverKart, a nifty peripheral that turns our Levit8ion X into a go-kart.

HoverKart for kids equals the best gift

Every kid has dreamed of having its own go-kart and racing it down the street. Parents can now step ahead and surprise them by getting a Levit8ion X and a Hoverkart. First, the kid will love the hoverboard, of that we can be certain.

Second, the go-kart conversion will be a delightful add-on, as it lets the child sit on its hoverboard and steer it as if it were a real vehicle. Considering the free-shipping options (if eligible) and the cheap cost of the levit8ion Hoverkart, it’s only wise to seize the price and get both!

The main reason why the HoverKart is as safe as the best hoverboard

Even though the Hoverkart isn’t exactly on the same level as hoverboards in terms of product specs, this hoverboard add-on is UL listed. As far as safety, the HoverKart lets the user be just a few inches above the ground, meaning more control and less

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