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How Much Do You Have to Spend to Buy a Good Quality Hoverboard?

Good quality hoverboard - Levit8ion ION

Hoverboards are here to stay! And as you’ve probably seen on different hoverboard stores, there are a lot of hoverboard models you can choose from when deciding which is the best hoverboard to buy and how much to buy a good quality hoverboard. Remember, you can always buy a good quality hoverboard that adjusts to your […]

Why the Levit8ion Xtreme is still the Best Hoverboard on the Market

Levit8ion Xtreme Best Hoverboard on the market

When you decide to buy yourself a hoverboard there is always the same issue: Which one is the best hoverboard on the market for you? Levit8ion Xtreme is the answer! There are so many options that you may not know where to begin. However, some people have already done the job for you. According to […]

Levit8ion X vs. Standard Hoverboards: Key Differences Explained

Levit8ion X Hoverboard

Levit8ion offers some of the best hoverboards out there, making sure that they are safe, smart and affordable. All of its self-balancing scooters come with a UL 2272 safety certification, and each model is different from the rest. That is why we are going to take a look at the key differences between the Levit8ion […]

Top Self Balancing Scooters: Which are the most Expensive Hoverboards?

Best Self Balancing Scooters

Hoverboards / Self Balancing Scooters don’t need to be expensive. Most of them are quite affordable best hoverboards for a personal transportation device. Common hoverboards come with standard features, including safety certifications, a mobile app, and even Bluetooth speakers. But some hoverboard companies have decided to go one step beyond and try to provide the […]

Are Hoverboards Safe Than The Segways?

are hoverboards safe

Are hoverboards safe? It is no secret that hoverboards were dangerous at some point. In early 2016, they made the news due to faulty batteries that caught fire and burnt down houses. This made it so airlines started to ban them. Airports in the US banned hoverboards due to battery malfunctions. Not unlike Samsung’s most recent […]

All You Can Do With Your HoverKart


Hoverboards may have started as a popular fad, but the truth is that the market is stabilizing. Everyone just jumped at the possibility of having the best hoverboards to help them move around without having to walk. However, the HoverKart brings out more than one way to ride a hoverboard, and they are ideal for […]

Practical And Useful Applications for the Hoverwalker

The Hoverwalker III is the best hoverboard conversion kit in the market, and it also costs less than $50. It fits almost any hoverboard, including the Swagtron, Swagway, Powerboard, Gyro and many others. Its length can also be comfortably adjusted to fit an adult. Additionally, the Hoverwalker III Go Kart Conversion kit is straightforward when […]

Hoverboard 101: Which One is The Safest Hoverboard to Buy in 2018?

Safest Hoverboard

When looking to buy a new self-balancing scooter or seize the hoverboard deals, the product’s safety is paramount. That’s where UL certified hoverboards come in, and customers will choose the safest hoverboards over regular ones, every time. The first steps of the safest hoverboard brands in the market stumbled and fell in reputation and trust. […]

Self Balancing Boards Are Making News on YouTube [WATCH]

Dancers on self balancing boards

Nowadays, at least 5 out of 10 people in the US has a YouTube channel or knows someone who has. This, in turn, opened the gates for influencers to gain a sizeable audience while delivering funny or informative content. We all know self balancing boards are not new on YouTube. As many users uploaded their first […]

Self Balancing Scooters: Tips & Tricks to Try Before Jumping on One

Self balancing scooters

Given how almost the best hoverboards / Self Balancing Scooters count with a self-balancing feature nowadays, many could think balance is not necessary. In part, this is true, as the best self-balancing scooters are built to stabilize the user’s weight evenly. However, having some sort of grasp about balance boards can make wonders and help you learn […]