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Summer Mega Sale

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X Plus

  • 10-inch wheels that make the Levit8ion X an all terrain hoverboard
  • UL 2272 – Certified safe from fire hazard
  • Samsung battery for even more powerful performance
  • Built-in HQ Bluetooth Speaker, remote Control Capability, LED Motion Indicator
  • Dedicated iOS/Android mobile app


  • 6.5-inch wheels with low ground-clearance, perfect for both indoor and outdoor riding.
  • UL 2272 certified; passed electrical and fire safety standards.
  • With self-balancing gyro sensors that work hard to keep you from falling
  • Despite its size, this hoverboard can handle up to 330 lbs load with 14Km/H top speed.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, high-grade ABS chassis, solid foot grip.

Featured Products

Levit8ion Ion


Levit8ion X Plus


Levit8ion X




Why Choose Us


Get your hoverboard shipped for free with Levit8ion’s express transportation. Don’t worry about extra charges and start enjoying your smart motorized vehicle now!


Here at Levit8ion we focus on offering our clients the most secure paying methods, so your purchase goes as smoothly as the hoverboard of your choosing.


All Levit8ion products count with a safety certification guaranteed by our UL 2272 compliance. We provide quality motorized hoverboards that users can rely on.


We offer the best guarantee for our products with a 30-day warranty and an extension of the warranty for an extra fee as wellp our hoverboards with no risk!.

About Levit8ion

We believe that the measure of technology or what makes it powerful is whether it is available to everyone. The products in the Levit8ion range are exactly like that: premium, safe and smart hoverboards. These, however, are being offered in price points that are significantly lower than what you see in the market, making them more affordable and accessible to a wider swath of people.

Our business model eliminates the need for you to pay for the brand name. The proof of this is how the Levit8ion hoverboards have identical features to more expensive rivals. For example, all of our self-balancing scooters are UL-certified, which means these products passed stringent safety standards. The case is the same under the hood. Each hoverboard in the range packs similar cutting-edge technology offered by the competition, allowing you to enjoy comparable performance, range, stability and sleek add-ons that meet different consumer lifestyles – all at a fraction of the cost.

The story does not end here. To complement our product, we have a dedicated support team that guarantees assistance so that your hoverboard experience is convenient, worry-free and just totally awesome.

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